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Bobby Lashley Wants Fight with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania

Former WWE Superstar and current TNA and Bellator MMA competitor Bobby Lashley was recently a guest on WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross’ podcast ‘The Ross Report’. You can check out some highlights here:

On possibly facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania:

“You know, I hear that all the time, and J.R., you know as well as I do, it’s not in my hands. If you ask me, I would say absolutely, but it’s the powers that be. I think that there’s enough fans who would love to see it. They’ve been saying it from day one. And you know what the funny thing about it is? I’ve never met Brock in person. Never crossed paths with Brock anywhere. So we don’t even know each other at all, whatsoever.”

On a match with Lesnar being a ‘big money’ fight:

“And I’ve always been compared to Brock, and they say ‘Are you and Brock gonna fight? Are you and Brock gonna wrestle? I don’t know if the fighting is still an opportunity with me being in Bellator and him kind of being with the UFC; or I don’t know what the situation is right now. So I don’t know if the fight thing is possible, but to see me as Brock’s destroying everyone and save the day, or vice versa, whatever the case is, have us stand face to face? I think the crowd would go insane. And there’s a tremendous amount of money in it. If it were to happen, then I’m open for it.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of SE Scoops)

  • D2K

    He reminds me of Ross Bagley Jr. all grown up (Little Nicky from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.)

  • Rollins *Intergalactic Champ*

    You realize Lashley does ALL of his own talking, and does a damn good job at it. Wheras Brock is lucky to get a sentance or two in.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I’d say make it happen, but I feel as though Lashley would really have to be built up quite a bit to get to that level. I mean the guy walked out of WWE when he was hitting his stride. He could have been a player but was gone and forgotten too soon. Kind of similar to Brock in that respect (trying different fighting venues, etc.), but still, I don’t think Lashley poses a threat, at least not immediately… in the meantime, get in line.

  • Old School

    Maybe Shane McMahon finally has it out with Paul E and Brock…. brings Lashley in as his “guy” Just a possibility

  • pitfallharry219

    He had such a great look going for him until he opened his mouth and that Mike Tyson voice came out.

  • Solid

    Can you have a feud where both guys need someone to do the mic work for them? does it still count? 😛

  • M

    I just can’t his WWE tenure out of my memory. Didn’t think of an mma fight, that could be interesting but on what platform? Doubt Brock would settle for anything other than the UFC and they probably wouldn’t give Lashley an opportunity.

  • Nicholas2778

    This also pretty much tells that yes Vince Mac is going to buy TNA. I think it going to happen an I knew this would happen for a long time.

  • Nicholas2778

    There no money in that feud.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    For money, Brock Lesnar will do anything.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Agreed. But i do feel that, he’s gotten a lot better since being in TNA. Them wrestling would be alright, but fighting, that would be pretty cool.

  • M

    Didn’t care for him then, don’t care for him now. I still can’t believe they chose him in that chamber match over CM Punk. It’s amazing looking back and seeing flaw after flaw after flaw. Thank God he was released when he was because if he would have stayed who knows the type of disastrous boring career he might of had, however I’d like to know the reason why he asked for it. He left post PG era so hopefully not too many people will remember him or even try to get to know him.

  • Nicholas2778

    Brock Lasner would not even waste his time.

  • MrDr3w

    I remember marking out for the guy whenever he stepped in the ring. Now, watching him in TNA, the guy is mediocre at best. No interest.

  • M

    No interest in seeing that. I always found Lashley to a Brock Lesnar wannabe, the two of them in the ring together wouldn’t have that big of an appeal at all. How many fans of today’s product even know who he is? This would only get people from the ruthless aggression era to really care and my memories of him aren’t that fond at all. Growing older, looking back at Lashley on the mic is an even bigger disaster than Reigns.