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Braun Strowman provides post-surgery update, Becky Lynch on WWE not wanting her to be champion

WWE had confirmed that Braun Strowman underwent successful elbow surgery at Andrews Sports Medicine in Birmingham, AL on Tuesday. But no details were provided.

Hence, Braun’s match with Baron Corbin at TLC is still up in the air at this moment. However, he most likely will be cleared for his match against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble in January.

He took to Twitter and posted an update on his surgery, giving a photo. He wrote “The countdown to my return and your end starts now. #TickTock”


Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will defend her title against Charlotte Flair and Asuka at WWE TLC. She would be interviewed Kayla Braxton after Asuka won the battle royal and got included in the TLC match.

“Asuka earned her way into the Triple Threat match. Asuka earned her way in. She won a Battle Royal, she earned it,” “Isn’t that a little bit different from Charlotte Flair? Charlotte Flair just got handed an opportunity tonight.

Again, what a surprise! ‘Oh, is that an opportunity? Oh, let me take that opportunity. Oh, opportunity! Oh yes, I’ll take that. Sure, sure, thank you kindly. Opportunity? Oh look, there’s a C on there for Charlotte!’

Charlotte’s taking the friggin’ opportunities left, right and center. Of course, the chips are stacked against me one more time because they don’t want me to be the champ. They want Charlotte Flair to be the champ. That’s why they give her opportunity after opportunity after opportunity.

Right, so how am I getting ready? Well, I stay ready, Kayla, because this is the thing – they never wanted me to be the top dog, they never wanted me to be The Man, but I am The Man, and everybody out here knows it, and everybody’s going to stay knowing it when I beat Asuka and Charlotte Flair at TLC.”

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I am really not buying Braun Strowman elbow I know it is his knees. But I believe big things are heading Braun Strowman way in 2019. Now I am not sure he walking out of the Royal Rumble Unveraisal Champion because I think he going to Smackdown after WM 35. I also think he going to be the one who retires the Undertaker. I also believe once he goes to Smackdown he will be WWE Champion before they go to Fox.

  • CC

    WWE just cannot decide what they are doing with Flair. Is she face, is she heel, are her and Becky friends, are they not?
    All we know is WWE cannot stand to not have her in the title picture.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I’m so tired of Charlotte Flairs crap..