Bray Wyatt Breaks Character After Emergency In Video

WWE star Bray Wyatt recently broke his silence on WCW legend Barry Windham’s health scare. Windham is certainly one of the greatest stars of the promotion and he has been part of several iconic matches during his separate stints with WWE and WCW. Unfortunately, the WWE Hall of Famer has been fighting for his life after suffering a major heart attack. An update also emerged regarding his health.



In a video that was published on his Instagram account, Wyatt shared an emotional message as he broke character to speak about his Uncle Barry Windham’s current situation.

“I want to thank one specific man, Michael Todd Lalic, who was there, a random citizen, and he gave him CPR in there throughout that entire time before everyone else and the EMTs can get to him, and he stayed with him, and he’s the reason that we have Barry still, he’s alive, he’s with us. “

“And Barry Windham has given his life to his profession. His whole life has been about this, just like mine, and he put everything into it and I wanted to share that I am incredibly thankful to have him back. And my sister set up a GoFundMe in his name and not obligated to share, no one is obligated to share anything. But if you could, that would be incredibly helpful.”

“And take it from me, sometimes when you’re someone like that it’s incredibly powerful to remind them that they mean to a lot of people and I hope everyone out there that’s hearing this I hope you take this from me. Be good to the ones you love. Always remind them about that how much they mean to you because nothing is forever. Thank you for everything, guys.”

The 62-year-old suffered a heart attack this past Friday while traveling through the Atlanta airport. This news was shared by Windham’s niece, Mika Rotunda (the sister of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas). Mika has since set up a fundraiser to help Windham’s family pay for medical expenses. Windham’s family is planning to raise $200,000 to cover up the medical expenses. If one is willing to help the family in this hardship, here’s the link for the GoFundMe for Barry Windham. So far, they have raised $36k.

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