Bray Wyatt Reason For Not Being In AEW Leaks

Bray Wyatt has been away from pro-wrestling since he was shockingly released by WWE. There have been speculations regarding the future plans of his career. There have been reports claiming that he was seen by WWE management as being difficult and that his weight was an issue. Sources familiar with Wyatt also stated that he was frustrated with the burned Fiend suit and he was reportedly unhappy with some of the creative around his character and this became an issue with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.



Bray Wyatt is unlikely to return soon

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the last word on Rotunda is that he is not willing to make a return so soon and he’s working on a movie.

Meltzer noted that Rotunda would likely not be under any financial pressure because he had one of the top five or six contracts in WWE, so that may be a factor in why he’s in no rush to get back into wrestling. It was also noted that he was far apart on money during his talks with AEW and Impact Wrestling. Rotunda was released in late July due to what WWE claims were a budget cuts. Recently, an incident came to light that former WWE star got mistaken about Wyatt.

AEW was heavily named to be Wyatt’s potential destination. It is needless to say that AEW has made some huge signings since its inception and it is unlikely that they would halt that. This year’s AEW Dynamite’s ‘Winter is Coming’ edition recently took place but he did not appear at the event. It is being speculated that Wyatt could make his debut in AEW soon after the promotion seemingly teased Wyatt’s potential arrival by displaying blue and red lights during the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale last week. Red lights were often featured during Wyatt’s run as “The Fiend” in WWE.

On top of that, Khan recently stated that he had interest in talking to Wyatt. We will see what is next for him.

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