Bray Wyatt’s Uncle Is Fired Star In Leaked Photo

Bray Wyatt returned at Extreme Rules and has since been featured on SmackDown. The significant aspect of Bray Wyatt is that he keeps the fans involved in his storylines. He keeps everything under wraps and fans are left to look for themselves on whether the guess is accurate or not.



On this week’s episode of SmackDown, Bray Wyatt addressed Uncle Howdy and while he was doing the promo, a mysterious figure appeared on the titantron. While some thought it was someone whom no one has seen, some tried to decode the character.

It looks like the person playing the character of Uncle Howdy could be Bo Dallas. The scuttlebutt has been talking about him returning to the WWE. His involvement in a storyline involving his real-life brother would be exceptional as he knows how to build a character.

Uncle Howdy can be a character of importance, and while WWE and Bray Wyatt tried to keep things under wraps, it looks like Uncle Howdy’s image is clear. It would be interesting to see Bray fight his brother as his alter ego or the demon that was holding him back.

The storyline can do wonders because of two amazing people coming together to make it worth the time. Fans are in line for some experience of a lifetime, and WWE, as well as, Bray Wyatt wouldn’t let it slip from his fingers at this juncture of the storyline.

Would you be interested in seeing Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy? Sound off in the comments.

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