Bret Hart Comments on Being RAW General Manager, NXT News, More

– Justin Credible’s Pro Wrestling Icons convention will return to Cromwell, CT on August 15th at the Courtyard Marriott. Currently scheduled to appear are Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, Jake Roberts, Nunzio, Brian Kendrick, Sandman, Bushwacker Luke, Kenny Dykstra and Aldo Montoya. E-mail [email protected] for more information.



– WWE NXT will be airing on Canada’s The Score at 8pm on Thursdays, beginning June 10th. NXT will still air on Global on Sunday mornings at 3am.

– RAW General Manager Bret Hart wrote the following on Facebook this weekend:

My life took an interesting turn this week when I decided to forfeit the United States championship for the simple reason that at this point in my life, I’m in no position to defend it on a regular basis (and God knows a host of other reasons) but it was a beautiful moment all the same. So when the WWE offered me the chance to become the new general manager of Raw, I jumped at the opportunity. I expect this will be one of the most interesting job titles I’ve ever had and I can assure all my WWE fans that I will do my best to be the most interesting and creative GM since the inception of general managers. As a note of interest, I’d like to say how proud I’ve been of Vicki Guerrero the last couple of years for doing the amazing job she’s done playing this role on Smackdown. I’m only learning it after one week that’s it’s a much more challenging role than people might realize and I can only hope to do as good of a job as she did.

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