Brock Lesnar Gives First Interview Since Falling Ill

Brock Lesnar was on Sports Center this morning, giving his first interview since falling ill. Dana White was also with him. Brock has been out of action since UFC 100 on July 11th.



ESPN runs down Lesnar’s stats and past accomplishments in collegiate wrestling and pro wrestling.

Brock joins us and says that it started off as he felt sick, his camp went bad as he kept missing time, and decided that he couldn’t do the fight. He was diagnosed with mono, which he didn’t believe since he had it before. He went to Canada to relax, and was not feeling right and had stomach pains. He woke up with severe pains one night, with a temperature of 104, and was eventually diagnosed with diverticulitis. He had a rupture and needed to recover.

The doctor helped him through not doing surgery, he lost 40lbs at one point when he was in the hospital. He went to the MAYO clinic, and was told hat he needed surgery and his colon removed.

He then had another check up, got back in the gym, got weight back on, and basically a miracle happened. He even had another CT scan, and all signs of the stomach issues are gone.

Dana says this has been a crazy ride, and was scary. Forget about fighting, Brock would have had a different life had they done the surgery. Brock changed his diet, and basically, got really lucky.

Brock says that he got different opinions and there are no signs of anything bad going on with him, the mind is a powerful thing, and he wasn’t sure he would ever come back. He has always been in control of his life, and for him to lose control then, he had to thank his wife, the UFC, Dana, and everyone for supporting him.

Brock also makes sure to say that he is still the UFC heavyweight champion.

Dana says that Mir vs. Carwin will be for the interim title, with the winner fighting Brock in the summer. But if something happens to the winner, the winner of Big Nog vs. Velasquez will get the shot.

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