Brock Lesnar Humiliated In Real Fight With WWE Legend

The real backstage wrestling match between Brock Lesnar and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has been widely reported over the years. Both from amateur wrestling background had squared off in a clash backstage that saw the Olympian won. WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Briscoe recently talked about the incident.



Gerald Briscoe opens up on the match

Angle had revealed that he had heard Lesnar saying that he would kill Angle in a real fight, as the former Olympic gold medalist was “too small”. ‘The Beast Incarnate’ had said the exact same thing to Angle when he confronted him, resulting in Angle challenging Brock to a real-life match. After Lesnar had just finished slamming Big Show in a practice bout, Angle issued a challenge to Lesnar right there. They had a bout and Angle reportedly took down Lesnar.

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Gerald Brisco narrated the real amateur wrestling fight between Angle and Lesnar. On that particular day, Angle came out on top despite the size difference. Brisco revealed:

“Kurt goes to lock after him and like lightning Kurt is down on that low single leg. Brock is stunned and he stumbles back into the ropes. Saved him from a takedown right because he grabbed the ropes. Kurt’s got to break. So he breaks and no sooner than they’re back in the corner, Kurt double legs him so quick and so fast, that Brock didn’t have time to take a breath. Brock is down. BAM. Okay, takedown.”

Brisco also shared his thoughts on why Angle defeated  Lesnar on this occasion:

“Once again, you’re the Olympic champion for a reason. You’re the best in the world. You’re the national champion for a reason. You’re the best in the United States. But the United States isn’t the world. Kurt was the best in the world. Brock was the best in the United States.”

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