Brock Lesnar Wife & CM Punk Rumors Leak

On a recent episode of RAW, former WWE superstar CM Punk made a surprise appearance at the Allstate Arena in Chicago. However, his visit was short-lived as he was asked to leave by WWE officials. This has led to speculation as to why CM Punk was asked to leave when other controversial figures such as Sable, Hulk Hogan, and Ultimate Warrior were allowed backstage at WWE events despite having legal issues with the company.



PW Insider addressed this question in a Q&A session, stating that the situation with CM Punk was different from those of Sable, Lesnar, Hogan, and Warrior. Those individuals were brought back by WWE to work for them, and Vince McMahon made the decision to let the past be the past. However, CM Punk was not brought back to work for WWE, he made the decision to visit the Allstate Arena to say hello. As a result, WWE officials were not expecting him to show up and it is understandable why they would ask him to leave.

Another question was raised as to whether Vince McMahon would have met with CM Punk if he was there. The answer to that question is a definite no, given Vince McMahon’s position in WWE and CM Punk’s status as a contracted talent with AEW. It would not be appropriate for the Chairman of a company to meet with someone who is contracted to their prime competitor, especially in a public setting.

It has also been reported that some WWE Superstars believed that CM Punk only showed up at the Allstate Arena to hype his return to AEW. However, it has been noted that CM Punk was able to bury the hatchet with The Miz during his visit.

Again, I don’t know for sure, but given the history there, the last thing anyone in WWE expected was for Punk to show up at their doorstep and say hey, how are you? You bring up Sable and Lesnar, but the difference is, they were brought back by WWE to work for them and when Vince McMahon made that decision, he also decided to let the past be the past, same as when he brought back Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior or anyone else he at some point had issues with that led to conflict. This wasn’t WWE bringing Punk back to work for them. This was Punk making a decision, apparently, to come by and say hello. Different situation.

No, I do not think the Chairman of a company would have met with someone under contract to his prime competitor – not in such a public setting, anyway.”


Overall, the situation with CM Punk’s visit to the Allstate Arena has caused speculation and discussion among wrestling fans. While some may question why he was asked to leave when other controversial figures were allowed backstage, it is important to remember the context of the situation and the differences between CM Punk’s visit and those of other individuals.

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