Bruce Willis Daughter Pays Tribute To Dad With Baby

Rumer Willis, the 35-year-old actress, recently engaged in an Instagram Q&A session where she delved into the details of her experience as a new mom after giving birth. One of the questions focused on the special meaning behind her daughter’s unique name, Louetta Isley.



In response, Willis shared that her daughter’s name is a blend of things she loves. She explained, “Her name is a mix of things I love. I have always loved the name Lou, so was thinking of that for both a boy or a girl, but then when we found out she was a girl, we came up with Louetta.” Willis further revealed the inspiration behind each part of the name, emphasizing the significance of offering her daughter diverse options.

The name Louetta is a thoughtful combination, with “Lou” derived from the legendary jazz trumpeter Louie Armstrong, “Etta” paying homage to the iconic singer Etta James, and “Isley” inspired by the renowned Isley Brothers, whose music holds a special place in the hearts of both Willis and her father.

Reflecting on her daughter’s appearance, Willis previously remarked on the striking resemblance between baby Louetta Isley and her famous father, Bruce Willis. She shared that whenever her daughter wears a stern expression, she sees a resemblance to Bruce Willis, especially noting his mischievous twinkle from his Moonlighting days.

Attending the opening night of Love Actually Live in Beverly Hills, Willis expressed the joy of celebrating Christmas with her baby girl, highlighting the significance of the holiday season for their family traditions. She shared her excitement about seeing Louetta with her own stocking during Christmas, marking a special milestone for the family.

In a conversation about her partnership with Bumpsuit, Willis also opened up about passing on the family’s “magic” to her daughter. She acknowledged that some of the most magical aspects of herself come from her parents, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, expressing her joy in witnessing her parents with her daughter and the unique bond they share.

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