Comic Con Notes: D-Bryan on PPV Bonuses, Sting on Wrestling for WWE, Hogan on Miz’ Gimmick

– Below are a few highlights from WWE and Mattel’s panel at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday with Michael Cole, Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan, Paul Heyman and Sting, who came out at the end.



* A fan asked Hogan if he thought The Miz is stealing his gimmick with his recent character change. Hogan said his Hollywood gimmick was a straight-up heel and would rip The Miz’s face off.

* Bryan was asked how pay-per-view bonuses work with the WWE Network and Bryan said nobody really knows. Cole jokingly tried to hurry to the next question.

* Hogan said if he could have one more match it would be against Bryan, Steve Austin, John Cena or Vince McMahon.

* Sting came out at the end and once again said he wants to wrestle for WWE. Cole announced this as Sting’s first appearance at a WWE event and they ended the panel with Sting, Heyman, Hogan and Bryan posing for photos.

Source: PWInsider

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