How The Bullet Club’s Raw Invasion went down

Fans waiting for Raw got a big surprise when The Bullet Club showed up. In a total homage to DX and their 1998 invasion of WCW Nitro, The Bullet Club pulled no punches. They also had a ton of fun in the process.



Dave Meltzer talked about the Bullet Club’s recent invasion of Raw Wrestling Observer Radio. As it turns out this was kind of a spur of the moment idea that turned out really well for the New Japan stable.

“So I guess somebody had this idea and how they did it — it’s actually pretty clever how it came through. They were telling people — they were all together because they were in Vegas. I guess they were all hanging out together. It was Adam Page, The Young Bucks, and Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes and Marty Scurll.”

“They did the two shows in Vegas and I guess they came to LA. So the idea was let’s go to the mall in Ontario. Because the mall in Ontario is like walking distance from the arena.  And they have a Hot Topic there, ‘so we’ll make a guest appearance at a Hot Topic and it’ll be a surprise.'”

“But they go on the internet and tell everyone so there’s a big crowd — actually there was a really good crowd waiting for them when they got there. So then they tell everyone, ‘let’s go to Raw.’ So they got this big crowd and their dad is there filming — somebody was filming. And they’re going there and they invade Raw. Basically, they spoof the DX Invasion of Nitro from 1998. Right down to every corny thing like talking to a fan — I’m sure WWE to an extent got a kick out of it. But there were a couple of points where I’m sure they didn’t. Such as when they went to fan and the fan goes, ‘I didn’t buy tickets’ — you know? And they’re like ‘oh they had to paper this house!'”

“It’s especially bad because they had another bad crowd tonight and to go in there and say they papered it even so. They did that and then they did the thing where they go, ‘are you people here to see the WWE?’ and everyone goes: ‘no, no!’ Which is exactly what made WCW uncool and they’re making WWE look uncool.”

“They’re not allowed to say f-ck the Revival, they’re not allowed to say ‘too sweet’,  suck it, and Marty can’t use an umbrella because I guess the Jack Gallagher thing which by the way this is all storyline, there’s nothing to any of this. This is what I did think was pretty funny when they’re like ‘we’re coming there we’re gonna get our stuff back and Cody’s gonna get his last name back!’ Which that is the one thing he didn’t get was his last name back. That one’s actually real.”

Thanks to Wrestling Observer Radio and for the transcription


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