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Bully Ray on why Brock Lesnar should win the WWE Championship off Kofi Kingston

Bully Ray

  • Luke

    With the money they’re getting from the Fox deal, WWE can easily afford to have Brock wrestle more frequently on television if they wanted to.

    You’ve answered your own question as to what the short-term draw is: Brick’s first tv match in seven years. Then if it’s a GOOD match (which it likely will be), some of those fans come back next week.

    Punk coming back would be great for a bit but most of the fans who care for that are all about AEW now. The only other option is to give the Rock a run but I understand he’s pretty busy and expensive these days!

  • Luke

    None of this is true though.

    Go to any WWE show. Not watch it on tv, actually go to one. Brock is still the one making the fans come alive every time he comes out. Not Joe, and not Owens, and people (mostly women) are positively rushing the ring when Reigns comes out.

    Check merch sales as well. Brock and Reigns are still easily outselling Owens and Joe. Nothing you’ve said is backed up by reality.

  • Erron Black

    Brock hasn’t drawn a dime in like 5 years. He’s done as a draw. All he does now is suck the fun out of the product. Kofis reign has been an abject failure, but putting the title on an absentee champion who fans are bored sick of is NOT the way they go. What they need to do is have somebody cost Brock the match against Kofi, ending it in a no contest, they go off and feud with Brock, Samoa Joe gets drafted and wins the title from Kofi, and Joe becomes their next big monster, takes the title to WrestleMania and drops it to Kevin Owens, who is the next big babyface if they’re smart…..which, they’re not, so instead we’ll get Brock vs Roman #800 and Fox will cancel them due to low ratings.

  • CC

    I get what Bully is saying, but I think some people put far too much stock in Lesnar and his drawing power. I mean, he hardly drew big numbers on RAW and from memory, I think this SmackDown match is his first broadcast TV match since 2012 or so, so even if he does win the title in that match, when will he even be on TV to “put eyes on the show”?

    Lesnar is a big name, no doubt but I cannot see many names in this day and age actually bringing in any extra viewers. Maybe a CM Punk return would see a short term rise in viewing figures, but short of that I cannot think of many people who would generate extra viewing figures.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I hate it when they say that Brock will bring new eyes to the sport. Anybody who cares about Lesnar, already knows hes in the WWE. Wont make any sense with him being champion and only seeing him in WWE, every other month.