Canelo Alvarez Leaks ‘Very Sad’ Manny Pacquiao News

Two giant names in the sporting industry are Canelo Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao. Both of these men are insanely talented boxers and deserve all of the attention that they get every time that they get into the boxing ring. While both of these men are top tier fighters, they also have huge respect for one another. Mike Tyson Drops Tupac Shakur Bombshell.



The interview asked Canelo Alvarez what he would remember most about Manny Pacquiao if he did choose to retire soon. Canelo answered back with an answer that wasn’t much what I was expecting to hear at first as he seemed a bit cold, but then Canelo warmed up.

As transcribed by Wrestling-Edge (and some of this had to be reworded due to English not being Canelo Alvarez’ first language) Canelo stated: “It’s sad, but it’s time. I think it’s sad, but uh, it’s time. He’s done a lot of things in boxing. He’s a great fighter. A legend.”

Manny Pacquiao has not yet responded to the short interview answer that Canelo Alvarez gave, but it’s a nod to both men having respect to not only other fighters, but to themselves as well. Manny Pacquiao is known as one of the most humble fighters, and while Canelo may not be as humble, his intentions and well wishes are pure when it comes to Manny Pacquiao.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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