Charlotte Flair Reveals Bold Truth About Nia Jax

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair had previously squared off against Nia Jax in a singles competition on the August 30 episode of WWE Raw. The match saw the two women got extra physical both with their strikes and slams and many believed it to be a shoot fight. Vince McMahon Removed Paul Heyman From Show



WWE producer D-Von Dudley said the two women had a misunderstanding. Nia was victorious in the match and the two would have a rematch the following week for the Raw Women’s Championship where Flair retained the title. Recently, ‘The Queen’ opened up on the match during a recent interview.

Charlotte Flair reflects on the match

Speaking on The Masked Man Show, Charlotte was asked about the physical nature of the match and what happened between her and Nia Jax, who was recently released by the company.

Do you want me to FaceTime her? [laughs]. Still best friends. You know what happened with Nia and I? You hit your friends harder. You hit your friends harder. I truly believe, anytime I’ve been in a match with someone I feel super comfortable with and that’s really what it was,”she said.

Charlotte is currently involved in a feud with WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in which a real heat can be observed once again. They are set to face each other at Survivor Series pay-per-view this Sunday.

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