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Charlotte On WWE Using Reid Flair’s Death For An Angle And Possibly Wrestling Sasha Banks At WrestleMania 32

WWE Divas Champion Charlotte recently appeared on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On possibly wrestling Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 32:

“I get goosebumps just thinking about it, just thinking about being a part of, first of all, WrestleMania as main roster talent. This will be my first time even being considered to be able to be on the card. And then, to think that [facing Banks] is a possibility, and we started together. We were just generic babyfaces, and then the BFFs, and then look where we are now. Just the evolution of the two of us and to think that we main evented the first time in NXT and then it could be a huge singles [match] at ‘Mania. It just makes you want to work that much harder.”

On WWE using Reid Flair’s death for an angle in her recent feud with Paige:

“I think they needed heat. I think they needed heat because, I mean, in my eyes, I look at Paige, looking at her as a fan, not a talent, I’m like, ‘yeah, she’s freaking cool! She’s a badass! I can relate to her. She’s one of us!’ And I knew, I mean, I think the Reid storyline came because they needed heat and they needed to get me some kind of sympathy.”

On being surprised by the backlash from fans to the Reid Flair storyline:

“Honestly, I was [surprised by the backlash] because I already get it. Like, before this storyline, people think that being a [second] generation kid, everything is handed to you, but, honestly, it’s that much harder. Could I have walked on set and been whoever I wanted to be? No. And then, people knowing about Reid’s death, knowing the story behind it, knowing [what] my dad’s private life has been in the media for years, so I’d already gotten backlash from social media anyway, saying negative things about my brother and father and it’s like, I think, just the general public, is able to say their two cents anyway. Any great storyline came from a little bit of realism. I’m not saying it was good [or] it was bad. I don’t know anymore just because once it was hashed and then getting the backlash, I was like, ‘am I a bad person? How is this making me look?’ But you know what? People were talking.”

You can listen to the entire podcast here:

  • TheFizPop

    “But you know what? People were talking.”

    WOOOOOO ohh to be a Flair!!!