Chris Jericho Furthers Rumble Speculation, Update on the WWE Network & Apple TV, Brodus

– As noted, Chris Jericho is in Pittsburgh, the Royal Rumble host city, for a World of Wheels appearance today. Jericho tweeted the following this morning and caused more Rumble speculation:



“Headed to Pittsburgh to rock the World Of Wheels at Lawrence Convention Center TODAY from 12-3pm! Let’s get ready to rumble Jerichoholics!”

– You may remember during the WWE Network presentation a few weeks back that Michelle Wilson, when talking about platforms that will support the Network, referred to “a connected device that I am not allowed to mention at this press conference.” Apparently she was talking about Apple TV. has an article up about the Network coming to Apple TV. Attendees at the Network event in Las Vegas were given mini Apple TV’s in WWE packaging, as seen below:

Apple TV Network

– It was noted on SmackDown last night that Brodus Clay recently joined the “500 pound bench press club.” Clay tweeted on January 20th:

“As fellow big guy @Ryback22 would say Bigger they are the bigger they are #500LbBenchClub”

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