Chris Jericho returns to WWE during SmackDown

United States Champion Kevin Owens kicked off this week’s episode of SmackDown. Owens defeated AJ Styles at WWE Battleground via a roll-up. The crowd booed Owens as he stood in the ring. Owens was back to wearing a suit and tie to the ring. Owens held up the title and said that it just feels right. Owens referred to Styles as a “thief” and stated that he was happy to have his title back. The crowd started to chant “AJ Styles!” as Owens vowed to defend the title with the pride and the honor it deserves.



Owens announced that he was reinstating the Kevin Owens United States Championship Open Challenge and that it will begin next week. The crowd booed and Owens said that “there is no way I would ever defend my title in front of a bunch of hicks in Richmond, Virginia”.

AJ Styles interrupted and made his way to the ring to a great reaction from the crowd. Owens said that Styles better be out here to congratulate him and admit that Owens is the better man. Styles stated that he was in the ring to get his rematch for the United States Championship. Owens said that he literally just said that Owens would not defend his title tonight in Richmond, Virginia.

Chris Jericho then appeared and the crowd went nuts. Jericho had the List of Jericho in his hands and joined Owens and Styles in the ring. Owens started freaking out and Jericho told him to be quiet several times. Jericho said that after a few months of rehabbing from Kevin Owens’ attack, he is back. Jericho stated that he was back to get his rematch for the United States Championship tonight.

AJ Styles welcomed Jericho back but stated that he was next in line for a shot at Owens’ United States Championship. Jericho then added AJ Styles to the list for trying to cut in front of him for a shot at the US Title. Kevin Owens started walking away and Jericho called him a “stupid idiot” while he was on the entrance ramp.

SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon then joined Owens on the entrance ramp and Owens rolled his eyes. Shane said that both AJ Styles and Chris Jericho will get their opportunity tonight. Shane McMahon announced that the United States Championship will be defended in a Triple Threat match tonight. It will be Kevin Owens (c) vs AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho.

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