CM Punk & Daniel Bryan WWE Return Idea Leaks

The former WWE star CM Punk has been away from WWE for over seven years. His return has been rumored on several occasions. However, everytime the former WWE Champion denied the rumors.



While, the former WWE veteran star Daniel Bryan is also no longer under the contract of the company.

John Cena Sr. comments on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

John Cena Sr. while speaking to Boston Wrestling MWF’s Dan Mirade, he went on to compare Punk to Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe.

He opined that WWE should focus on using the likes of veteran stars, Bryan and Joe “sparingly but meaningfully” instead of bringing Punk back. Big E Missed Smackdown For Surprising Reason

He also questioned if Punk’s return would make any major impact on the roster. He said:

“He’s been out for so long. Would it really make a difference if he came back? With all the new talent that’s coming up, with all the new future yearly stars, regular stars coming up, how much of a difference would he make?

“I think the solution to the problem is, here’s a guy that you take, like a Daniel Bryan or a Samoa Joe, and you use them sparingly but meaningfully. I think that’s the best way to get your bang for your buck.”

Bryan was reportedly planned to offer a huge deal to keep him with the company. We will see what the former WWE Intercontinental Champion decides on his future as a pro wrestler.

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