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CM Punk Nominated for Award, Infamous WWE Firings, The Miz, NXT News

– Stan sent word that last night’s episode of WWE NXT had 22 minutes and 45 seconds of in-ring action, up from the previous week.

– CM Punk has been nominated for the “Baddest Baddie” award at this year’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Australia. The awards air on October 7th in Australia.

– The Miz will be in attendance at the press event for Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Marquez today in Beverly Hills.

– WWE has a new storyline up article today on their most infamous firings, mentioning Triple H firing Kevin Nash this week. The most infamous releases they mention are:

* Vince McMahon fires Jeff Jarrett
* Vince McMahon fires Eric Bischoff
* Randy Orton stops Vince McMahon from firing him with a punt kick
* The many firings of Jim Ross

  • venom

    Yea, WWE is so worried about TNA. Because you know, TNA’s current world champion can’t stay sobber behind the wheel. Plus TNA’s locker room is filled by talent that they didn’t want anymore. TNA’s ratings are barely gets 1. Yea, I would be worried too.

  • Anyone who think wwe doesnt care bout tna is a dumbass. How u not gonna care bout a company that takes ur unwanted talent and makes them world champions and controled by the biggest name in wrestling history (Hogan) and has Ric Flair and wwes focus for years (the icon Sting). They care.


    cm punk better win …..

  • KingKong

    What ever happend to Jeff Jarret back in 99? Was he realesed or did he quit or did Owens (RIP) death had anything to do with it?

  • MJ

    LOL Double J refenernce LOL!

  • KingKong

    What ever happend to Jeff Jarret in WWE? Was he released or did he quit?

  • Effmenow

    ……..And some people still think WWE doesn’t care about Impact Wrestling.

  • theMark

    HA….best firing ever with Jeff Jarret
    double G double O double N double E!!