Cody Rhodes provides explanation regarding AEW’s resetting of win/loss record

AEW has presented itself as an alternative to WWE and is doing things differently. That includes the fact that win/loss records matter. While the number of wins will matter, the records will be reset eventually.



The Fan Morning Show with Jeff & Big Joe spoke to Cody Rhodes, where he provided an explanation as to how the win/loss record will reset. He also added how the stars of AEW will keep their career records.

“When the year ends and AEW is in Jacksonville in January, that is when the plan to reset is. Tony is obsessed with numbers. He mentioned we’ll do a reset, but we’ll have your overall record on there. I’m thinking that’s a lot of numbers with their Twitter handle and their nickname.”

“He has a point: your overall record will always be intact, but just to keep the top fives for women, tag teams and men’s singles, every year will reset.”

This will definitely lead to more interesting matches from next year, once they erase the records. However, it is unlikely that stipulations such as Cody no longer challenging for the AEW World Title will be reset.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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