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Cody Rhodes on if a WWE Return is Likely.

Cody Rhodes has spent the past year and a half trying to disprove a common misconception; You cannot make it in this business without WWE. Now, it’s not something that has never been done before. A handful of talent who have left WWE in the past decade or so have made a name for themselves after leaving, Drew McIntyre, Luke Gallows and EC3 just to name a few. However, it’s hard to think of anyone in the past ten or so years who have made quite the impact that Cody has.

From joining the Bullet Club in New Japan to capturing the ROH World Championship (while not being signed to the company), not to mention the gold he captured in indie promotions like WCPW, the son of the son of a plumber had, what probably has to be, one of the most impressive years in wrestling.  Cody has been a major player in multiple companies across the world, playing up the ability of a free agent in a way we hadn’t seen before.

As of September 23rd, Cody has signed a multi-year deal with Ring of Honor, ending his free agent status. However, signing with a company like ROH has allowed him to keep independent bookings while also appearing for ROH and NJPW. Cody has been on fire since his departure from the WWE in 2016, and it’s clear that the American Nightmare has proven his point, making a bigger name for himself and earning the respect from the wrestling world that he felt he didn’t have in the WWE.

With all the success he’s had outside of the company, it’s no surprise that fans would want to know if he ever plans to return to the WWE. Many guys have done the same. Drew McIntyre, mentioned above, was the most recent talent to take this route. After being released from the WWE in 2014, the Sinister Scotsman took over the indie scene, capturing the Evolve Championship in his post-WWE debut. It wouldn’t be long before he arrived back in ICW, becoming a two-time ICW Heavyweight Champion, and having a hellacious run in TNA, capturing both the TNA Heavyweight Championship and the Impact Grand Championship. The Chosen One would return to WWE  in 2017, billed as a top talent in NXT, quickly capturing the NXT Title.

With the success that McIntyre has found, one has to wonder if Cody has thought about a return in the near future, as a fan on Twitter recently asked him. Cody would respond with a pretty positive message, remembering fond moments like meeting his wife and witnessing his father’s final Bionic Elbow.

Cody, however, shut down any hopes of seeing him in a WWE ring anytime soon, especially with the multi-year deal he signed with ROH. With a fantastic first year, he’s looking forward to what the future holds in ROH and NJPW. I have to say, I’m happy to see Cody staying away from WWE. The man has been on fire since his departure, and I’m excited to see what he does this coming year, especially with the Bullet Club. Is there something specific you’d like to see Cody accomplish in 2018? Let us know below.

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  • This site is getting really bad about these bits of so-called “news” being fluffed up or interjected with the writer’s own opinion. There should be a stark separation between opinion pieces and “news” on this site.

  • CC

    Did this article need to be this long? Especially when Rhodes never actually answers whether another WWE run is ever likely. All he says is he is happy where he is at, and whats ahead, but that is not saying he will or wont ever consider going back. It is a very good open answer, but hardly one worth reporting.