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Colt Cabana Speaks On His Time In WWE And Meeting With Vince McMahon

Colt Cabana recently spoke about his time in WWE, his meeting with Vince McMahon and more during episode 300 of his podcast. According to Cabana, he didn’t expect to go far in WWE. Here is what he had to say: 

“I had one meeting with him and the big thing was I said, ‘I’m a comedy wrestler’. I go, ‘I love alternative comedy’ and he goes, ‘like Jackie Gleason?’ And I was like, in my head, I was like, ‘who the f–k is Jackie Gleason? I don’t even know that.

Like, I know the name, but I couldn’t even tell you.’ And it just goes to show you his, not his outdatedness, but just where he is in his head and his references. And when I referenced The State and I referenced Kids In The Hall to him, he had no clue who they were. And that’s kind of the moment I realized, like, I don’t think I’m going to go that very far [in WWE].”

Cabana also took fan questions and talked with Marty DeRosa during this episode, which you can listen to here.

  • D2K

    I’m only two years older than him and I know who Jackie Gleason is and what type of humor he had. For goodness sake, The Honeymooners is what put situation comedy on the map.

    Then The Flintstones was based off of that and it is an iconic cartoon.

    If Vince think you’ll make him money, you’ll get a push. Doesn’t sound like he has negotiation skills or how to sell himself. Case in point, when Scott Hall had his first meeting with Vince McMahon he did his Tony Montana impression for him and that got him the job. Vince had never seen Scarface before.

    If he was smart he would have referenced Jackie Gleason, studied his material, and worked that into his gimmick somehow. Pretty sure Vince would have been behind it 100%.

  • CC

    Of course an old guy is going to give older references, but we have seen plenty of time over the years that WWE will work with modern stars and use modern pop culture references, so I don’t think Cabanas failure had anything to do with Vince not knowing who Kids in the hall were (hardly a bang up to date reference either).
    Yes Vince comes up with some out of date stuff like the Tyler Breeze gimmick, but even that had a modern twist with social media references and selfie sticks.

  • Hunter_13

    he didnt have any type of charisma… and it seems like his in-ring skills werent good enough to make the fans care about him, so the only responsible for his failed WWE run was only him..

  • JAckh45

    Or maybe Colt didn’t go far because he had very little charisma when it comes to in ring promos.
    Sure Colt can do a good interview in the back when there is no audience pressure, but putting him in-front of a crowd and he blows.