Conor McGregor Leaks Floyd Mayweather Paycheck

At UFC 264, Conor McGregor finally faced off against Dustin Poirier in the main event of the show. With expectations off the roof, fans simply could not tell who was going to become the winner of the fight. Conor McGregor would go on to fracture his ankle at the end of the first round and this resulted in Dustin Poirier winning the fight via a TKO. Conor McGregor’s surprising haircut photo also recently leaked. 



Conor McGregor is known to go after people whenever he feels like it and it seems The Notorious did that once again in a series of tweets, as he took aim at Daniel Cormier and deleted the tweets afterwards. Conor McGregor recently took a shot at Daniel Cormier’s weight and then work ethic and accused Cormier of commentating on his UFC 264 fight with Daniel Cormier while being inebriated.

American rapper Rick Ross made an appearance in the comments section of McGregor’s post where he topped Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes in 2021, where he asked where Floyd Mayweather was. Conor McGregor decided to take a big shot at Floyd Mayweather in his reply.

”Floyd hasn’t made the list in the last 4 years. Since our fight in 2017, he has not made the list of the Forbes top 100 highest paid athletes. Usually the entry point, the 100th placed athlete, makes in the region of 20-30 mill, so if you didn’t make at least that amount in the Forbes fiscal year, you will not make the list. Case in point, I have Floyd in my back pocket.”

Conor McGregor explains why Floyd Mayweather did not find a place on the Forbes' list of highest-paid athletes in 2021

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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