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Could Paige be used at Survivor Series after all?

Natalya’s loss on SmackDown Live might have changed more about Survivor Series than just the Women’s champion vs champion match. We will see Charlotte Flair take on Alexa Bliss, but what about the Women’s Survival Series match?

Since Nattie is no longer champion, many might assume that she would be placed in Charlotte’s vacant spot. But as it turns out nothing is that simple in WWE after all.

Paige is set to return from injury and it’s been long thought she would go to SmackDown Live since Asuka was placed on Raw. released a news story this morning saying that we will find out on the night of Survivor Series regarding who will fill that vacant slot.

But since Nattie wasn’t automatically placed in that role many have been led to believe that WWE might be going a different way. It is also puzzling considering the fact that just about every other woman on the Blue Team is busy at Survivor Series. Therefore some are under the impression that Paige might be a surprise for the night and be inserted into that empty role as a member of the Blue Team.

If she were to be put on Team SmackDown (after last bring on Raw) it could give Stephanie McMahon one more thing to come down on Kurt Angle about. Only time will tell, but cross your fingers during the introductions of the women’s Survivor Series match because you never know who might be popping up.

  • StarmanJames

    So they’ve found a way to screw one of the Hart foundation at survivor series. Vince does love tradition.

  • Steel Chef

    I am so tired of “the Paige returning” rumors. I will believe it, when I hear that scream.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    This is like the 100th time Paige is supposted to return

  • CC

    By the sound of it, nobody knows what WWE are doing with Paige, including WWE themselves, and every story we read is just pure speculation.
    I am sure if she does not appear as part of team SD, we will get some made up story the next day as to why she did not appear, just like we did after she did not appear at Raw,

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Dam, so Natalya lost her title and doesn’t even get to go to Survivor Series…. whammy!!!