Crimson Dismisses Comparisons To Goldberg, Says He’s Not Trying To Be Like Him

Crimson appeared on Monday Night Mayhem, which airs every Monday night at 7:00 p.m. via Highlights from the interview are as follows:



What he has learned from being with TNA this past year, the early success he has received, and why he was not intimidated about being “thrown into the mix pretty quickly”: “It’s been a huge year thus far. When I was signed, I was thrown right into the mix pretty quickly, and things took off very soon. I’m always ready for anything and can adapt to anything. I’m trying to do the best I can. The fact is that I was put into a main spot, and in my opinion, I think I have been doing fairly well. I don’t like to brag as far as as the feedback goes. From the people behind the scenes, I’ve handled everything pretty well.”

Why he has a firm belief in looking to improve/better himself as his TNA career progresses and what he feels he needs to work on in order to quiet his critics: “I’m not going to sit here, and point out my flaws, and what I think I’m doing wrong, but there is always room for improvement and always a way to better yourself. It’s just taking small critics from agents, and producers, and the people that really matter, applying it and making yourself better. I see a lot of the feedback from people, and a lot of times one person’s opinion sometimes overshadows facts. The fact is I did the dark matches, I did the ‘Gut Check,’ and obviously impressed the right people, and got myself to where I am today. That’s fact.”

His reaction to the comparisons between himself and Goldberg (as a result of his recent undefeated streak in TNA) and why he wants to finally put to rest the recent rumors of heat between the two: “There’s no hostility between me and Goldberg. I don’t follow Goldberg on Twitter. I don’t pay attention to Bill Goldberg these days. People came to me calling me a ‘Poor Man’s Goldberg,’ and he was retweeting the fans’ stuff basically saying the same thing. It’s sad that some of the simple-minded people out there, because of an undefeated streak, automatically assume that I trying to be Bill Goldberg, which I’m not. The fact that I’m an intense, and maybe some of my in-ring style, and because I break out a spear every so often (which hundreds of wrestlers do), it makes me out to be Bill Goldberg. Bottom line, I’m not trying to be Bill Goldberg.”

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