Dana White Makes Nate Diaz Drug Test Claim

Nate Diaz could be in some deep waters as there is a big claim going around that could catch him if he’s not too careful. The claim pertains to drugs and as we all know, Nate Diaz is a big proponent of marijuana. Now, Nate Diaz also likes to party a lot, so there’s always the possibility that more than just marijuana is accessible at that time. That being said, Nate has been very clear on his sole use of marijuana and nothing else. What does this new claim mean for Diaz? Justin Gaethje ‘Beat Up’ By UFC Star At Gym.



On the recent episode of the Pat McAfee show via Youtube, we saw Dana White joining the show. As the two discussed all of the upcoming fights that UFC has up until December 11th 2021, Pat started talking about Nate Diaz and his marijuana habits.

Pat McAfee: “How about Diaz? Five rounds. You had to think ‘Alright, we got this guy – Diaz, in Phoenix and we’ll put his a** in a fu****g five rounder. That was a home run. That was a home run! I think you ended that thing exactly how everyone thought it was gonna go there.”

Dana White: “The Diaz brothers are fun. They bring a completely different fanbase when they fight. People just love these guys from their press conferences to the fighting. People are just fascinated by the Diaz brothers.”

Pat added: “I see you dropped marijuana testing right after the Diaz press conference.”

(Dana starts laughing) Dana stated: “Yeah, it just kinda worked out.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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