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Daniel Bryan: “I am the Planet’s Champion”

The New Daniel Bryan has been one of the highlights of the blue brand for the past few weeks. The WWE Champion has introduced a bizarre new edge to his character which is driven by his concern for the environment.

In a WWE Live Event from Baltimore, Daniel Bryan cut a promo where he referred to himself as the “Planet’s Champion”. Bryan said that he no longer defends the WWE title for the fans and so he’s no longer the People’s Champion, instead, he’s going to do it for the whole planet.

This new nickname could be a regular thing from this point on as it has quite the ring to it. You can check out the footage of the promo right here:

  • HBK

    That’s Captain Planet to you suckas!!!!

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    The ROCK will always be the “peoples champ”. You, D.B. ain’t sh*t, but a scripted goon.

  • oppa

    Just more WWE trolling. Just like they did with religion and the parents television council back with the RTC.

  • Steven Stevens

    This tree hugger isn’t a champions asshole. He will be champion for 5 mins, retire, get fat and walk around with a strut like he was champion for a decade.

  • Rinn13

    It’s honestly not a great look to have a heel gimmick be caring about the planet. Because it’s just going to teach kids and young idiot fans that it’s not cool to do so, when now more than ever, human beings 100% should be caring.