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Daniel Bryan possibly injured during Smackdown Live

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Block the troll did it the moment I sew Reader first post.

  • Whistling Joe

    We know it’s you, Random Reader, and if it’s not, you two must be butt buddies.

  • BB

    Yeah, I noticed this last night. It almost looked like Ali kneed him in the face as he was landing. You can hear Ali apologizing and asking if he was okay. You could see it all on Ali’s face that he was concerned. He wasn’t hiding it well, haha. Poor guy gets called up to Smackdown and then possibly injures their World Champion. I’m sure he felt super bad about the whole thing and it was just a fluke.


    release daniel bryan a injury waiting to happen

  • CC

    just go away, you immature idiot

  • The Random Reader

    Good, Bryan sucks

  • Noob

    What you talking about I replayed it 3 times and Bryan is the one saying I’m okay to the ref.