Daniel Bryan Takes Down Burglar at His Home, Press Conference Video

ABC15 News reports that Phoenix police say WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan stopped a burglar who he saw exiting his house with an accomplice.



Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella returned home on Thursday night to find 2 men on their way out of their house. The two burglars dropped the stuff they were stealing and ran, leading Bryan to chase them. Bryan locked one of the men, 22-year-old Cesar Sosa, in a rear naked choke for 5 minutes until police arrived. Sosa is facing kidnapping charges in another case and was booked into Maricopa County jail, charged with burglary.


Bryan and Brie spoke about the incident at a press conference with former WWE Champion Bryan revealing it wasn’t hard to take down Sosa as he was so tired from the chase. Bryan also revealed he was worried about getting sued when he had Sosa down and became emotional when talking about a piece of jewelry from his late father was almost stolen.

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