Daniel Bryan Wrestling PPV Return Leaks?

So much has been said about Daniel Bryan’s position in WWE. Should he stay or should he go? Will he stay or will he go? The answers that we have heard have been many. Only one answer is true, however, and that is the answer of Bryan himself. We may now have that answer and the outcome is about to stun you…<a href="https://wrestling-edge.com/wwe-fire-star-after-pedophile-accusation/">WWE Fire Star After ‘Pedophile’ Accusation.



On this week’s edition of Impact Wrestling, there was a new commercial for July’s Slammiversary PPV that featured references to former WWE stars. Among the teases was a “yes” graphic for Daniel Bryan. There were also teases for The IIconics and the Forgotten Sons that flashed upon the screen.

One user went crazy on Twitter as the stated everyone that was correlated on the commercial: “Daniel Bryan, Forgotten Sons, IICONICS, Bullet Club.”

Bryan may not be the only one who will be on the show if all comes into fruition for Impact’s PPV. Could Impact be doing this for ratings and pull a fast one on everyone? Stranger things have happened.

Another user tweeted: “I hope IMPACT really considers having some fans at #Slammiversary! #IMPACTonAXSTV #ImpactWrestling”

Impact then put out a tweet of their own stating: “We are on the road to #Slammiversary on July 17th where our world changes again.” A very bold statement.


Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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