Demi Moore Preparing For Bruce Willis ‘Goodbye’ After…

Actor Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, a progressive condition that has significantly impacted his life. Known for his roles in action films such as the ‘Die Hard’ saga, Willis has been under constant care at home, with his family providing support through these challenging times.



His health updates have come through social media, with his current wife and children sharing information about his condition. Despite their divorce over three decades ago, actress Demi Moore, Willis’s former wife, has remained supportive. Moore and Willis were married for 13 years and have three daughters together.

A source close to InTouch revealed that Demi Moore is now adopting “a new perspective on life” as Willis’s condition continues to deteriorate. The source noted that Moore is grateful and emotional as she reflects on her life with Willis, and the memories they’ve shared. The situation has taught Moore to be a “fighter,” with Willis’s struggles serving as inspiration for her.

Although the impending loss is heartbreaking, Moore has embraced the bittersweet experience with courage and admiration for Willis. She is preparing for the emotional goodbye, recognizing that each moment is precious. This approach highlights the enduring bonds of family and the strength it takes to navigate a loved one’s decline due to dementia.

“She’s feeling extremely grateful and emotional. She’s been going over her life with him and is thankful for all the things they’ve been through,” the source said.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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