DeSantis Reveals Trump’s Vice President In 2024?

Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis recently argued that rival Nikki Haley certainly owes it to voters to tell them whether she would accept an offer Donald Trump to be his running mate in 2024 on Friday via Mediaite.



“I’m the only one that can beat Trump, let’s just be clear on that” declared DeSantis on the campaign trail. “Haley cannot get enough support from core Republicans and conservatives. She’s getting support from people who either aren’t Republicans or are on kind of the 10, 15%, which is fine. I mean, you need those people for it to win the general, but you have to be able to appeal to conservatives and core Republicans. And I’m the only one that can do that.”

He continued:

“There’s a reason why they spend money against me. Haley and Trump spend money against me. He has not spent any money against her and she has not spent any money against him. She will not answer directly, and she owes you an answer to this: Will she accept a vice presidential nomination from Donald Trump? Yes or no? And I can tell you under any circumstance, I will not accept that, because that’s not why I’m running. I’m running for the nomination and to be president. And I’m totally fine, you know, I’d rather be governor than vice president, no question. I can do more for my state and this country without question.”

DeSantis on Trump/Haley:

• Haley refuses to rule out being Trump’s VP, says he absolutely would not be VP

• Says he’s the only candidate that can beat Trump, Haley can’t win because she doesn’t have enough support among conservatives and core Republicans

• Haley and Trump are both spending money against him, but neither are spending money against each other

Haley has picked up momentum in recent months, joining DeSantis in the second tier of GOP candidates behind Trump. Both candidates still trail Trump in every state and national poll by significant margins.

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