Details on a New Creative Direction TNA is Working With, One Reason for Taz Announcing

Source: Wrestling Observer



– An update on the current creative direction in TNA is that Vince Russo’s acting as the lead writer but Dixie Carter is in charge of the big picture. There is no outright philosophy other than it’s noted they seem to be going in a more sports-oriented direction. It was noted how the referees are given more power.

It’s said that Dixie wants to have more of an emphasis on pushing newer guys like Hernandez, who is one of her favorites, Bobby Lashley and Matt Morgan.

The announcing changes are also part of moving in a more sports-oriented direction. Replacing Don West with Taz was done in part to have a more sports-like announcing team with less of the two hours of high-energy Don West style that Jeff Jarrett was in favor of.

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