More Details on TNA’s Lawsuit Against WWE, Another Hearing Set for Next Month

– Representatives from WWE and TNA had a conference yesterday regarding TNA’s lawsuit against WWE. There is a temporary injunction hearing set for July 11th. TNA still has a temporary restraining order against Brian Wittenstein and WWE. There was a big process where WWE’s servers, the laptops of John Laurinaitis and others were looked at by WWE IT for any wrongdoing. IT reported back that the TNA information from Wittenstein was not found on his company provided Blackberry or laptop. IT also went through their servers and e-mail boxes of 27 employees that worked in creative and talent relations. They did not find that the information from Wittenstein had been sent out over their servers.



Once the lawsuit was filed by TNA, WWE says they did due-diligence, searched again and concluded that the TNA information from Wittenstein was never on their servers or used by their employees. They noted that the laptop and e-mail server used by John Laurinaitis was also checked and the information was never on there. WWE feels TNA has no basis for a lawsuit, based on those searches. WWE says they never had the information from Wittenstein and the only time it was seen was when Wittenstein brought them a print out and a CD with information he had collected while working for TNA.

TNA wants the situation resolved immediately. They feel that they have been wronged, damage has been done and they want to make sure no talent problems come out of this. They wanted statements from Triple H, John Laurinaitis and others yesterday but likely scheduling conflicts are putting that on hold. While the case has been continued, both WWE and TNA are still under the court order that was previously set.

PWInsider reports that Wittenstein has not been served the lawsuit yet. People that have spoken to Wittenstein say they felt no sense of alarm or worry from him. Wittenstein does have a lawyer that TNA has been in contact with but he was not represented in court yesterday, for what it’s worth.

Partial source: PWInsider

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