Diamond Dallas Page on How He Helped Jericho Return, Feud with Orton

– In a new interview with the Fight Club show from Chicago, former World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page talks about Chris Jericho using his DDP Yoga to prepare for his WWE return. DDP said:



“Jericho gave a testimony saying DDP Yoga changed my life after one of our workouts. It was powerful for me for him to do that. They (doctors) said Chris Jericho had a herniated L4 and he was done and he came back with my workout. He texted me last night and said Santino (Marella) wants to do your workout. He said, ‘I’m gonna get the whole locker room to do it.”

“He (Jericho) did not think he was going to be able to come back. Within two weeks (after starting DDP Yoga) he was already feeling, ‘wait a minute, I think I’m gonna be able to do this,’ and then five weeks, that’s when he put that testimonial that changed my life and I’m virtually pain free. Today, he’s completely pain free.”

DDP also said he recently signed a WWE Legends deal and while he doesn’t see himself doing anything in the ring, the only person he would think about working with is Randy Orton so they could play off the Diamond Cutter vs. RKO angle.

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