Diamond Dallas Page talks getting ‘choked up’ during HOF news, being an underdog, Dusty Rhodes

2017 Hall Of Fame inductee Diamond Dallas Page was recently interviewed by ESPN. You can check out some highlights from their conversation here:



On getting the call from Triple H that he’ll be in the HOF:

“He [Triple H] was down there with me at the Power Plant; he was Terra Rizin down in WCW. We rode together, we hung together. He’s talking about, ‘I never thought you could do it. This guy was like 35 and a half. What were you thinking? But you did it.’ He put me over to such a degree that I said, ‘Hey, wait a minute. Is it that call?’ I started getting choked up and I couldn’t even talk.”

On Dusty Rhodes and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts’ influence on his career:

“I always say that without Dusty Rhodes, there is no Diamond Dallas Page. But without Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, there’s no three-time world champion, and there’s no Hall of Fame.”

On being an underdog:

“How could I not be the underdog, starting at 35 and a half and going from a manager and a fourth-string color commentator to being a wrestler? I got my a– kicked. A lot. But I learned from all of the mistakes that I made.”

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