Diddy Alleged Victim Says He’s ‘Exposed’ After…

Aubrey O’Day recently stated that she feels “no vindication” following the release of surveillance video that showed her former boss Sean “Diddy” Combs beating Cassie via Page Six.



“There’s no vindication for anyone to have,” she exclusively tells Page Six at the Gurus Magazine launch party celebrating #30VOICES30DAYS on Saturday when asked if she feels vindicated.

“Sadly, if you’re a victim of anyone at any point in time in life, this will ring true to you: There’s no such thing as vindication. It never goes away. It’s never better,” she continues.

“And even when people are exposed, it doesn’t take away the experience. I suppose [being vindicated] gives you more credibility. But if you believe in yourself, anyone else’s belief in you doesn’t really matter much anyway. So, no, I don’t feel that.”

O’Day, who was signed to Combs’ Bad Boy Records in the early aughts, stated that she believes the surveillance video is just the beginning of what’s to come.

“Did you watch the video that was released?” she says. “How many more of those do you think there are? Do you think that was the first time that that happened or the first person?”

O’Day has been vocal about her disdain for the dad of seven, 54, over the years. As a 2016 video clip of Combs viciously punching and kicking his then-girlfriend in a hotel was released by CNN last month, the singer took to social media to speak out about the horrifying clip.

“the picture is getting a lot more clear for you all I can imagine.. abuse survivors or anyone that triggers easily might not want to watch (images are disturbing),” she wrote on X May 17.

“prayers up for all his victims.”

O’Day also blasted Diddy for his apology video, in which he stated he was “disgusted” by his actions against Cassie.

“Diddy did not apologize to Cassie. He apologized to the world for seeing what he did,” she tweeted May 19. (Combs could not mention Cassie by name in the video for legal reasons.)

“He says he’s ‘disgusted w himself now, and he was disgusted w himself then’.. but apparently he wasn’t disgusted enough w himself to not PIN this statement out calling her a liar & denying all of it.. leave god and mercy out of this, they aren’t present here, and you know it.”

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