Diego Sanchez Planning Return To 155

Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez(24-4) who takes on fellow welterweight Paulo Thiago(13-2) Sat. at UFC121 alks about this weekends welterweight clash. Sanchez is coming off back to back losses heading in to this Saturdays fight.



“(Paulo Thiago) is a tough guy. I think his striking’s good, but I don’t think it’s great. … As far as his wrestling goes, he’s been outwrestled in the past by several guys so I see holes in his game. I think he’s the perfect opponent for me right now in my career… And just for the record, I do plan on dropping back to 155 after this fight. Me and Greg (Jackson) and the team are just gonna work together and see what (UFC matchmaker) Joe (Silva) can get lined up for me. And like I said, my whole mindset is to earn the victory and that’s it. For now I think it’s basically gonna be permanent… after this fight I’m gonna get down to 155 again, try to make a title run.”

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