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Dixie Carter teases possible Raw appearance

Dixie Carter

  • CC

    To be honest, after the phone call on Raw, and knowing she made an appearance in the Kurt documentary, my first thought was Dixie. I only started thinking Stephanie after everyone else said it.

    I have no love for Dixie after the abortion of a creative run in TNA, but like the time Bischoff appeared on WWE tv, you have to say it would be a bit of a “moment” and maybe even a ratings booster (albeit nowhere as big as deal as Bisch or even Heyman).

  • M

    That would be actually be a surprise if it’s true. Wasn’t thinking about her coming in but have to admit it would make sense on the storyline. Just don’t know what her purpose would be or where she’d fit in.

  • Omar

    Aaaaaaand that puts the kibosh of that rumor. WWE wont allow anyone to ruin their “surprise” on twitter.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    I’ve a feeling it may be an old TNA storyline being showcased because Dixie may make an appearance.