Dominik Mysterio Breaks Character With Finn Balor

The Judgement Day stablemates Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio recently attended a Williams Racing event with the Williams Racing F1 team. Photos of the duo were shared by Balor himself on Twitter. You can check them out below:



Names pitched for Dominik Mysterio

Dominik recently joined The Judgment Day after turning on his father, Rey Mysterio. On this week’s RAW, the youngster boldly claimed that he is “this generation’s Eddie Guerrero.” When fans reacted negatively, he corrected himself by stating that Guerrero “was his generation’s Dominik Mysterio.”

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, known as Bubba Ray Dudley in WWE, believes Dominik Mysterio should change his last name. Bully Ray has enjoyed watching Dominik progress as a character over the last few weeks. On Busted Open, the WWE Hall of Famer suggested that the Judgment Day member change his surname to Guerrero:

“I love the relationship with Rhea [Ripley],” Bully Ray said. “I love Rhea constantly being in his ear. Taking shots at Eddie Guerrero will always get you heat, saying that Eddie Guerrero was the Dominik Mysterio of his generation. Getting back to the name thing, I know they did the angle years ago with Eddie possibly being Dom’s dad, what about Dominik taking the Guerrero last name over the Mysterio last name?”

Ray further explained that Dominik would garner even more negative reactions from fans if he announced that he no longer wants to be a Mysterio:

“After hearing Dom talk last night, I’m saying to myself, wouldn’t it be monster heat for Dominik to renounce, drop, get rid of the Mysterio last name? There can be nothing more insulting to the family than for Dom to say that he is disgusted by this last name, he’s disgusted with ever being associated with his father.”

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