Donald Trump Attacks Famous Fox & Friends Host

In a recent social media outburst, former President Donald Trump took aim at none other than Brian Kilmeade, a prominent host of the widely watched morning show Fox & Friends. Trump, known for his unfiltered and often controversial tweets, utilized the newly launched Truth Social platform to express his discontent with Kilmeade’s remarks on the Democratic Party.



In his scathing post, Trump accused Kilmeade of being oblivious to the true nature of the Democrats, dubbing them as the “Party of DISINFORMATION.” Trump asserted that Democrats had a habit of saying the exact opposite of what they genuinely desired, implying that their intentions were veiled by misleading rhetoric. Trump’s disapproval was primarily sparked by Kilmeade’s confident assertion during a recent broadcast of Fox & Friends, in which the host boldly claimed that the Democrats were eager to go head-to-head against Trump in the political arena.

Seizing the opportunity to engage in a war of words, Trump fired back at Kilmeade, resolutely denying the host’s claim. Trump asserted that the Democrats’ supposed desire to face him in a future election was nothing more than a facade. He contended that the Democrats’ rhetoric stemmed from a calculated strategic move to avoid direct confrontation with his formidable political persona. According to Trump, the Democrats had no genuine intention of pitting themselves against him, as they were well aware of the formidable challenge he posed.

This public feud between Trump and Kilmeade highlighted the deep divisions within the American political landscape. Trump’s criticism of Kilmeade and the Democratic Party underscores his ongoing involvement in political discourse, despite no longer holding the highest office in the land. With Truth Social serving as his platform of choice, Trump continued to rally his base and assert his influence within the conservative sphere.

“Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends doesn’t realize that the Democrats are the Party of DISINFORMATION. They always say the opposite of what they really want. They can’t help themselves. This morning Brian said, with great bravado, “the Democrats want to run against Donald Trump.” No Brian, that’s what they say because they don’t want to run against me.”
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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