Donald Trump Exposes Elon Musk As Fraud

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk has been recently attacked by the far-right. Trump’s former campaign manager and White House advisor accused Musk of being a pro-China “traitor” and grifting off the American people – another attack on the billions in subsidies Musk has received throughout his business career from the U.S. government.



Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump took to his Truth Social platform on Tuesday morning and tore into billionaire Elon Musk over his use of government subsidies and voting for Joe Biden in 2020 – which Trump claims Musk lied to him about.

Donald Trump exposes Elon Musk

Trump blasted Musk after the Twitter owner’s sit-down interview with Fox News’s most popular opinion host, Tucker Carlson, aired on Monday evening. During the interview, Musk explained that he voted for Biden in 2020, despite not being a big Biden fan, and laid out his idea of what kind of person should be president.

“I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. I actually voted for Biden. Not saying I’m a huge fan of Biden because I would think that would probably be inaccurate,” Musk told Carlson, adding:

“But, you know, we have difficult choices to make in these presidential elections. It’s not, I would prefer, frankly, that we put someone in, just a normal person as president. A normal person with common sense and whose values are smack in the middle of the country. You know, just, you know, sort of the normal distribution.”

Trump clearly did not like that part of the interview and responded, writing, “I don’t believe Elon Musk voted for Biden, not for a minute! He told me that he voted for me, but who knows about that, and who cares?”

“Elon is just trying to make friends with the absolutely horrible Biden Administration because of all the government subsidies he gets, and all the permits he needs. His space company, car company, battery company, tunnel company, and even Twitter, which was illegally controlled by the FBI, need government HELP & SUBSIDIES. HE IS JUST ‘MENDING FENCES!’” concluded the former president.”