Donald Trump Is Using Death Of Famous Friend

Former President Donald Trump recently took to his Truth Social account and posted the following, using a quote of his friend who just died to promote his China policies:



“Quote from Henry A. Kissinger: “Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump has controlled China like nobody I have ever seen in all of the years that I have been doing this. They couldn’t figure him out—and to this day, still can’t.”

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday recently attempted to turn the tables on his likely rival in November, President Joe Biden, arguing that the man whose election victory Trump tried to overturn is “the destroyer of American democracy.”

Trump’s allegations about Biden, a Democrat, echo the ones that Biden has been making for years against his predecessor.

As Trump has dominated the Republican presidential primary and talked about targeting his rivals and the news media if he wins the White House again, Biden has stepped up his own warnings, contending Trump is “ determined to destroy American democracy.”

It has been noted that on Saturday, Trump made his most explicit argument to date on why voters should instead see his rival as the bigger democratic threat. Trump repeated his longstanding contention that the four criminal indictments against him show Biden is misusing the federal justice system against his rival.

“He’s been weaponizing government against his political opponents like a Third World political tyrant,” Trump said to a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “Biden and his radical left allies like to pose as standing up as allies of democracy,” Trump continued, arguing: “Joe Biden is not the defender of American democracy, Joe Biden is the destroyer of American democracy.”


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