Donald Trump Reveals Jail Sentence?

CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins didn’t mince words when she addressed ex-President Donald Trump’s late-night rant regarding the ongoing trial. Collins pointed out a blatant lie from Trump about a ruling by Judge Juan Merchan, stating that Trump appeared “rattled” as he continued to post about the case into the night.



Donald Trump took to Truth Social at 12:06 AM on May 25, 2024, to express outrage over what he perceived as unjust treatment. Trump asserted that the President should not be sentenced to 150 years in jail over what he deemed as a legitimate legal expense labeled as such by a bookkeeper. He labeled the situation as part of a “Crooked Joe Biden Witch Hunt” and accused it of constituting election interference. Trump concluded his post with his signature slogan, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

During Friday night’s edition of CNN’s The Source with Kaitlan Collins, she began the show by providing commentary on the trial and highlighting Trump’s active social media presence regarding the matter. Collins debunked one of Trump’s false claims about the judge’s ruling, clarifying that it was actually Trump’s own legal team who decided not to call an election expert to testify, despite Trump’s claims otherwise.

As the trial heads towards its conclusion, with closing arguments set to begin after Memorial Day Weekend, Collins emphasized the significance of the upcoming jury deliberations and the potential outcome for Trump. Despite the possibility of prison time if convicted, prosecutors are not expected to seek immediate custody for the former President. However, as Collins noted, the verdict remains uncertain as the trial unfolds.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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