Donald Trump Reveals Truth About Famous Mistress

Big red is back at it again. As if depositions in New York weren’t enough – one of Trump’s former mistresses is now causing havoc that may or may not prove to unsettle the former US President. You can rest assured that Trump has a slew of detractors, and as we heat up for the new Presidential election, the environment around Trump may start becoming as red as his carrot top, as he is discussing Stormy Daniels, his alleged former mistress.

According to Donald Trump’s Truth Social, Donald himself wrote:



The “Stormy” Fake Witch Hunt has been stop and go, on again, off again, for years, to the point where the whole thing has become Prosecutorial Misconduct. Missed Statute Big. The Fake News has been pushing the D.A., and all D.A.’s and Prosecutors, at a level that they have NEVER been pushed before. Just study D.A. Bragg’s CNN interview from 2 months ago – Disgraceful! There’s NO GUILT, just Trump Derangement Syndrome. GET this man, even if he’s innocent. It’s all WEAPONIZED POLITICS. So Sad!

Trump has insinuated that most mainstream news outlets are fake news. Whether or not this is true is TBD. After all, we aren’t present during news meetings during which times news stories are scripted before being delivered live on air by TV hosts – pardon me, journalists. 


Robert Hadley
Robert Hadley
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