Donald Trump ‘Spilling Secrets’ In Prison?

Michael Cohen expressed fear for Donald Trump potentially going to jail, citing concerns that Trump could leak classified information to the wrong individuals. Cohen, who played a crucial role in Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial, highlighted Trump’s past behavior and loose-lipped nature as reasons for concern.



Cohen emphasized that Trump had extensive exposure to national security issues during his time as president, including debriefings and interactions with foreign leaders like Vladimir Putin. He cited instances where Trump allegedly disclosed sensitive information, such as details about nuclear warheads on a military vessel, raising alarms about the potential consequences of Trump being debriefed again as a Republican nominee or in a prison setting.

According to Cohen, Trump’s disregard for protocol and tendency to prioritize personal interests over national security make him a significant risk if he were to have access to classified information while facing legal consequences. Cohen’s remarks underscore the gravity of the situation and the potential implications of Trump’s actions for American security interests.

This clown had four years of being debriefed on national security issues. On top of that, if he becomes the Republican nominee, he gets debriefed again! Think about this. America, think about this.

You now have a Republican leading candidate who’s a felon, who’s going to be debriefed on national security issues knowing how loose-lipped he is. How he’s willing to give away America’s secrets to Vladimir Putin, or to anybody for money or just simply for bragging rights. He did it with the Australian billionaire at Mar-a-Lago. He sat there in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin talking about national security issues but nobody was around except for Vladimir Putin’s translator.

These are not normal things. You do not allow somebody like Donald Trump to be declassified, especially now as a felon. So, my concern is, in a prison situation, he is willing to give away these secrets, as I always say, for a bag of tuna or a book of stamps. He will do it because does not care.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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