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Recently, there’s speculation about the future of some of the major talents that either were or are apart of the WWE roster and depending on if they exit the company, it could have a major effect on the product. Randy Orton, one of the top performers for the WWE was suspended for sixty days for his second violation of the Wellness Policy. Another violation would result in Orton being fired and with that as a possibility, it somewhat limits what Orton could be involved with from a storyline prospective because it would be risky to have him in the main event picture if he could be fired during a feud for the title. That being said, the reports that Orton could be released following his suspension seem to be purely speculation and I really doubt he will be released, unless there’s another violation of the Wellness Policy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a fan of Orton as his promos are somewhat robotic and his in ring style is boring, but he is without question a major star for the WWE. Speaking of Orton’s promos and in ring style, it doesn’t really compare to his time as “the legend killer,” which was much better because he had an intensity to his work. Also, he seemed to make the character his own, rather than trying to use the style of others. “The Viper” character seems to attempt to have the promos of Jake Roberts and the in ring style of Stone Cold, which are good choices to borrow, but Orton just doesn’t make the character his own during matches. Don’t get me wrong, Orton is a great performer and a top draw for the company. In fact, one of my favorite matches is Orton vs. Flair from Taboo Tuesday. However, when it comes to current value to the company, Orton doesn’t quite rank up there with John Cena, CM Punk, or possibly Sheamus. Within the past few years, he just hasn’t been on the top tier of the WWE and evidence of that is the terrible Wrestlemania 25 main event with Triple H on the show. So, if Orton has another violation, would he be released? In my opinion, the answer is yes. Especially, considering that his stock has dropped somewhat, it actually gives the WWE an opportunity to show that the Wellness policy is fair and they would actually release a top star. Without a doubt Orton would be rehired and continue his WWE career, but it will be interesting to see the direction of his character after he returns from the suspension.



Brock Lesnar made headlines when he appeared at the UFC 146 event and subsequent comments from UFC President, Dana White fueled rumors that Lesnar might return to the octagon. A lot has been made of this, including Lesnar attempting to use the UFC as a bargaining chip with the WWE, but things are much simpler. Lesnar doesn’t have to use the UFC to negotiate with the WWE because he already signed with the company so for at least the duration of the contact, the UFC isn’t a factor in Lesnar appearing for the WWE. In my view, his UFC 146 appearance is also not an indication that he will return to MMA and I don’t think Lesnar will return to MMA following his WWE run. Lesnar showed fundamental striking problems during his MMA career and concluded his UFC stint with two devastating losses so it would make more sense for Lesnar to make easier money in the WWE than to attempt to legitimately fight in the UFC again. So, why did Lesnar show up at a UFC event? In my view, it was just a promotion tool for Lesnar to follow up the storyline that he “quit” the WWE and an attempt to increase the buy rates for the PPV that Lesnar is featured, which probably translates to some type of PPV bonus in his contract.

Ric Flair has also made news recently with his abrupt dismissal from TNA and rumors of his return to the WWE. It seems extremely possible that Flair will be back in the WWE, but the lawsuit TNA flied against the WWE could delay his return to the company. Let’s be honest here, Flair should have remained in the WWE and it would be good to see him back in the company, mostly because they can preserve what’s left of his legacy. It’s sad to say, but since his departure from the WWE, Flair has tarnished his legacy and instead of the greatest wrestler of all time, Flair seemed like Micky Rouke in The Wrestler. Multiple lawsuits and tabloid headlines didn’t happen during Flair’s run in the WWE. Flair is a legend and he should be presented as a legend, which the WWE continued to do even during his run in TNA so hopefully if he returns to he WWE, he can continue his career without actually wrestling. That being said, Flair would be great as a manager, which he did well with during Evolution and it would be great to see him as a manager for some of the younger talent. It will be extremely interesting to see if Flair returns and what his role would be in the WWE.

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