Dustin Poirier Ready To Quit UFC?

According to Jesse On Fire, talked about initial reports which stated that Dustin Poirier had gotten the back-end for his first fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 178, which saw The Notorious One defeating The Diamond. However, it seems Dustin Poirier had no back-end at all for his fight against The Notorious One. Megan Fox also previously dropped a bombshell related to Dustin Poirier.



The UFC has released a video clip on YouTube in which Dustin Poirier talks about fighting Nate Diaz once his trilogy fight with Conor McGregor is done with. Dustin Poirier made it clear that he is definitely interested in squaring off against Nate Diaz in a future fight, but he thinks Diaz may not be far from retirement.

“Yeah, for sure. We’ll see. I don’t know how long he’s going to be fighting for or what’s going on with him, but I still owe him one.”

Dustin Poirier recently spoke to Daily Mail and hinted at possibly retiring from the UFC.

‘He’s aggressive and very offensive with his jiu-jitsu. He doesn’t just use it to protect himself or get out of bad positions, he attacks people with it and finishes fights with it so he’s a very dangerous opponent who has paid his dues and fought a long time in the UFC.

“For me, being undisputed world champion was the goal from the beginning,” Poirier said. “If I can tick that box, I’ve done it all in the sport of mixed martial arts.

We’ll see man,” Poirier said of his post-title plans. “I’ll probably just go and sell hot sauce!’

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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