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Dusty Rhodes to Wrestle at WWE Battleground?, Plans for Babyface Stars on Next Week’s RAW

– As noted, Dolph Ziggler has earned a future United States Title shot against Dean Ambrose after defeating him in a non-title match on last night’s RAW.

Ziggler may not get his title shot at next month’s Battleground pay-per-view as there is talk of doing a match with The Shield vs. The Rhodes Family at Battleground. The Rhodes team would be made up of Goldust, Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes. WWE using Dusty in the match is still up in the air.

– The idea for next week’s RAW is that the top babyface Superstars who came to Daniel Bryan’s aid at the end of last night’s show will be punished. Some of the stars who made the save were Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam, Darren Young, Titus O’Neil and others.


  • millerj265

    I wouldn’t be surprised. In fact id feel better if he was, at least he would have a good excuse for that abortion of a response.

  • abbasadabad

    Looking at his spelling, he is probably a 50 year old Russian who portrays 20 year old girls on dating sites.

  • abbasadabad

    You can’t even spell “Dumb” and you use an apostrophe and comma for it? Wow. You can’t spell “Dumb”, “Comment” “See” or “Bucks”. Also, it is “You’re really dumb” not “your really dum.”

    You don’t reproduce. You would have Zeb Coulter Babies.

  • abbasadabad

    Dude, the punch was fake, shut up.

    If it were real, Dusty would be suing, and getting a LOT of money. You need to learn the difference between fantasy and reality, you just stay away from Video Games and Guns, okay?

  • millerj265

    He doesn’t lol

  • John Wallace

    you know its not real right

  • shrimp

    and I might add that that knock out punch was real just read the update on Dusty Rhodes, I do not blame Gold Dust and Cody Rhodes for how they feel and how mad they are at the Stephanie and Triple H frankly after what they did hope they both beat the crap out of Triple H and the shield then the real justice will be served and that is what will be best for business

  • shrimp

    Monday Night Raw has gotten out of control after watching big show give the knock out punch to 68 year old dusty Rhodes Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes Father orders by Stephanie Mc Mahon and her having the Shield threaten to dismantle a 68 year old man hall of famer no less with steel chairs I am done watching this show this has gotten way out of hand I am finding other things to watch on Monday Night at 8pm I refuse to watch this crap or allow it to come on my TV in my living room Shame on you Triple H Your wife Stephanie great example your setting for your daughters firing a long time referee who needs to support his family threatening a 68 year old man to be knocked out with the knock out punch or hit with steel chairs I am done this is not the enjoyable wrestling show anymore that it once was to watch, a very fed up fan

  • Scooter

    Watch the way Show eases him down. He was being gentle with him for more than just furthering the storyline.

  • Jason Lentini

    And you have booked better than the WWE booking committee lol

  • millerj265

    sar·casti·cal·ly adv.
    Synonyms: sarcastic, ironic, caustic, satirical, sardonic
    These adjectives mean having or marked by a feeling of bitterness and a biting or cutting quality. Sarcastic suggests sharp taunting and ridicule that wounds: “a deserved reputation for sarcastic, acerbic and uninhibited polemics” (Burke Marshall).
    Ironic implies a subtler form of mockery in which an intended meaning is conveyed obliquely. Here this might help you fully understand my meaning. Don’t worry I got your uneducated back brother.

  • millerj265

    Yeah its rough I only buy a few a yr and they really have to be built up well or have a match or two I cant pass up seeing, summerslam being the last ppv I was willing to pony up the money for.

  • millerj265

    I was being sarcastic I obviously want there to be more then 4 matches, one of them being ziggler vs ambrose for the us title. although given your idiotic and almost illegible response I question whether or not you even know what the word sarcastic means.

  • CC

    $50 for a ppv? Jesus, and I thought paying £15 for them was expensive.

  • Sharman

    Thats a dum coment. U really wanna c a 4 match ppv? And spend 50 bux. Your really dum. Don’;t reproduce.

  • d_pooch

    If he really is 68 years old, you are probably right. He has no business wrestling anyway.

  • Guest

    If he really is 68 years old like they mentioned on TV, he has no business wrestling.

  • d_pooch

    How about saving the match for Survivor Series. Instead of Dusty, you could have Cody and Goldust team with Bryan and maybe Ziggler, and/or Big Show against the Shield and Randy Orton. Give the storyline more build up.

    Let the WWE title be decided at Battleground and let Ziggler have his rematch with Ambrose. Also, let the Usos have their tag title match at Battleground since they are the number one contenders.

    There, I just booked 2 months worth of PPVs. You’re welcome, WWE. LOL!

  • Scooter

    I doubt Dusty will wrestle. I’d imagine the reason he never took a bump off Big Show’s KO punch was because he’s in no state to bump.

  • Will Henderson

    you forgot about SmackDown, they will get punished on SmackDown this week as well.

  • millerj265

    Well of course he wont get it at battleground I mean there’s obviously going to be the 6 man tag so there’s one spot, then a punk ryback match so there’s two spots, then the WHC and WWE championship matches so there’s four and how could you possibly fit more then four matches on a three hr ppv card I mean im only spending 50 bucks to see the thing I don’t want the wwe to go above and beyond what im paying them for.